The raddest thing in bike polo.

The Bloods

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Back in March, Manchester Bike Polo organised a weekend tournament called; The North South Divider Invitational.

The invited team list comprised of six from the North of UK and 6 from the South. However, the format was slightly different to that of a regular tournament. In addition to the 12 teams playing each other in a swiss rounds / double elim tournament, the six teams from each area then came together to form two Bench Minor teams, thus giving one North vs South Bench Minor game.

Todd and Rupert both attended and formed a team called; The Bloods, with Adam aka Badger from Spring Break. They finished 3rd in the individual team tournament.

Here are videos courtesy of 5G Bike Polo showing The Bloods games against Sandbaggers (finished 2nd) and Cherry Pickers (finished 1st).

As for the Bench Minor, South went onto beat North.

An interesting tournament and another example of the Bench Minor format coming into practice.

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