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Around Paul Components: Part One – Design Process

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paul comp logoOn our travels through California, we took a slight detour to the small town of Chico to visit the lovely folk at Paul Components.

Having built up a great relationship over the past few years through email, it was nice to finally put some faces to the names behind the brand as well as look at how some of the most beautiful bike parts around are made.

We were greeted at the front door of the unassuming factory (although they like to call it the “shop”) by Kate Carmichael – a key cog in the Paul Components team.

After a catch up on each others latest doings; Kate had just got back from Bespoked Bristol, which she added was a huge success for the brand, we were ready for the famous guided shop tour. I was like an excited child the night before Christmas…

DSC_0484 DSC_0660

We were taken out of the main building and across a small parking lot area to a separate corrugated metal shed.


As Kate unlocked the door she explained that only Paul is allowed in the building, for this is where his ideas come to fruition on some of the oldest tools in the business.


DSC_0496 DSC_0515

Apparently Paul’s average day goes some thing like this…

Get’s up and goes for a ride (all his ideas start on a bike). Arrives at the shop about midday. Answers a few emails, makes some calls, asks if anyone in the office needs a meeting with him, signs a few papers, then leaves around 3pm. Only to come back at 10pm to begin working in his shed on something new till early morning.

Once Paul is happy with his initial working prototype, he’ll pass it over to the shop to have a batch made up for testing.

This cycle is how every Paul Comp. product is made.

DSC_0499DSC_0506DSC_0508Next part: the product production process.

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