The raddest thing in bike polo.

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It’s been awhile since I’ve ridden fixed gear, been even longer since I rode track and seems a lifetime ago that I played polo with just that one gear and no brakes.

I still love the feeling you get from riding fixed and have a vintage English track frame that one day I’ll build back up for those casual summer road rides. But for now, my riding focus is still on single speed set ups.

However, when it comes to following track racing, there is nothing more inspiring than seeing how a track rider approaches their discipline, both on and off their fixed gear bikes.

Here are series of films which give a great insight into such mindsets….inspirational.

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Ladies Army 5 Video GIF

Earlier this month East Van Bike Polo held the 5th Ladies Army.

From what we’ve heard, it was the best LA to date, despite all the rain and a near washed out final. Again, showing that bike polo as a whole has stepped up for another year.

We just got sent a link by Brandon Carter to the below new GIF video he’s made of LA5.

This is a new style of video which shows the passion and love for the game and lifestyle we call Bike Polo.

Thanks Brandon.


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Cosmic Changes

In a lifetime, 6 months doesn’t seem long.

When I left London back in November with my wife Therese to embark on our 6 month trip, I was probably naive to think things back home wouldn’t change upon our return. The reality is change effects us all every day, every moment. Therefore, a lot can happen in just 6 months.

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