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Paul Comp. x Cosmic

There’s no hiding Cosmic’s love for Paul Components – awesome products and awesome people. And thankfully they love us and Bike Polo too (they just sponsored London Open 2012).

So when we asked if they’d be interested to give some of their most Bike Polo related products a cosmic make over, they needed little persuading .

The result is 3 products; Motolite V brakes, Duplex Lever and Love Lever Compact, exclusively available in 2 anodised finishes; cosmic purple and cosmic blue.

All products are available exclusive to buy over at thisiscosmic store, in very limited quantities.

Thanks for making it Cosmic Paul.

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A Cosmic Interview with Paul Components – Final Part

Cosmic – In early 2000 you released a versatile single speed frame made from quality Reynolds 853 tubing. What happened to this and why did you not continue developing frames further?

Paul – This was a short lived idea. Soulcraft made two of them and that was that. It became clear that was going to be a money losing enterprise for us both. I also have built several frames. Super fun but tons more work than I ever thought. I may return to that but for now I’m geeking on messing around with old manual machines.

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A Cosmic Interview with Paul Components – Part 1

Paul have been manufacturing high-end bike components since 1989, based out of Chico, California – one of the homes of MTB. Their product is known for its superior quality, unique function and clean aesthetics. And is much loved for it’s honest and passionate approach to the cycling market.

Recently, COSMIC had the pleasure of talking over mail with Paul founder and company namesake, Paul Price, to hear about the early beginnings, his most loved products, future plans and of course, that brake lever.

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Have a drink on Paul

Paul Components have just released The Steel Pint.

As the name suggests, it’s a pint cup made from stainless steel. Designed to take a beating in the work shop or at the polo court, it will hold 16 fluid ounces of your favourite beverage and make it taste just that little bit more classy!

To help crack open your capped bottled of choice to pour into this finest of cups, Paul have produced their high quality machined bottle openers in 2 new anodised colours, electric blue and hot orange.

This multi purpose bottle opener, comes with a 15mm brake spring adjuster on the other end, and is made from 56g of cool 6061 aluminum – just awesome and is already a necessity in the cosmic tool kit.

Both are available to buy now at Paul’s web shop.