The raddest thing in bike polo.


Terrain Dur Bike Polo Show

We heard about this show a while ago, but had no idea how great it would turn out!  Congratulations Guidoline and all who contributed.

Love the Kaneel track.


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BLB New Catalogue

Just looking through the updated BLB catalogue… Those guys are getting in some great things. We’ve been riding their hubs for a while now and they’re great. Due to the wear and tear of polo and trick riding all hollow axles have now been replaced with solid. Those new King hubs look tough and I think I’ll be adding the Raptor stem to my new build list. And check all the Paul stuff! You might wanna swap out your crap plastic alfine/nexus shifters with a decent thumbie…

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It’s how we roll…

Found this amazing image this morning. It’s very cosmic! Schwalbe means Swallow in German, in case you were wondering. My grandad was covered in swallow tattoos too. As a traditional tattoo of sailors and fishermen, the swallow signifies ‘returning home’ as that’s what a swallow always does. And to have tattoos of them on your hands comes was derived from the hands being the last thing you might see when thrown overboard and lost at sea. “Return home”. Survive. Preferably with a polo trophy!

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Carhartt Specials – SS11

Our loyal sponsors Carhartt UK continue to pull out all the stops with a brand new selection of products. Wow!

Perfect for those polo weekends away. Just need a Carhartt tent…

Whilst on the subject, we just received a few items of spring summer 2011 to keep us looking sharp on and around the court. Sid pants rock as usual and as for the wax jacket…Amazing. Really chuffed with mine. Still rocking the ripstop cargo shorts and, apart from a little fading from all those crazy polo weather conditions we’ve played in over the last 2 years, they’re still perfect! Quality means everything.

Their BMX grips are worth getting too. The grip is great and they’ve lived up to some serious polo.

Keep it up guys ;)