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Klunkerz – A Film About Mountain Biking

I finally got to watch; Klunkerz – a film about the history of mountain biking.

It’s an awesome and inspiring story. And one that we can connect to well as we continue to see the development of polo from it’s early days.

I love how all things grow from the adaption of needs. If there’s a will, there’s a way.

Go watch the full length Klunkerz film.

Also, whilst you’re at it, check Joe Kid on a Stingray too.


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This is why we ride bikes…

The good vibes!

Hearing Gary Fisher talk about Klunking is exciting.  They were at the forefront of a cycling revolution.  In twenty years time mountain bikes would be the most popular type of bicycle.

I wonder where polo will be in twenty years?  We need to ensure that if it’s big, we own it.