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EHBPC 2012 Winners Bracket Semi Final – Hooks vs CMD

The winners bracket semi final of Hooks (Rouen, FRA) vs Call Me Daddy (Paris, FRA).

Using multiple cameras, this is the closest to a professional edit of bike polo we’ve seen to date in Europe.

Hooks vs Call me daddy from Paris Bike Polo on Vimeo.

Good filming and live stream broadcasting, is the way forward for bike polo. It will grow it globally – more spectators = more sponsors = more benefits and support for the sport.


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CMD Top French EHBPC Qualification

Correction, Call Me Daddy (WHBPC 2011 runners up) have just topped the French EHBPC qualification tournament…not won the French Championships. Although some would say it’s the same thing.

Also, big pat on the back to runners up Hooks from Rouen, 3rd place takers Ma Couille from Bordeaux and the rest who have qualified for EHBPC this July in Paris.

Here’s the final rankings…