The raddest thing in bike polo.

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Bike is ready!

Finally! And wow it feels great!

Here it is (left) with Brendan’s new 14 Bike Co Polo Frame. 2 new rides days before the Euros. As you can see, they’re quite different. Both very awesome. I wanted a custom version which was built by Kamil over at Kajak Custom. I specifically asked for something burly and basically wanted a hybrid of the new Shop 14 ESB V.2 mixed with the 14 Polo V.2.

So tubing is fat! And it looks a bit more 90’s  MTB! But it’s short. Wheelbase comes in around 90cm though toe overlap and handling feels just like my FBM Sword. TT is sloping and the stays overlap creating a small triple triangle.

Seat-tube is slightly more oversize and is angled back a bit more to get me as far back as possible for easy turning. The curve around the wheel perhaps not as aesthetically pleasing as the OG but fully functional.

Tubes are Reynolds 631 combined with a couple of Columbus stay tubes.

I’ve set it up with Motolites and some very nice Profile bits. The mtb hubs are sooo nice. tick tick tick.

Still undecided about tyres until I receive my Schwalbe selection to review at some point soon. I think I’ll be sticking with 26 x 1.5 up to 1.9.

Really impressed with the progression of the 14 V.3. Just look at those sliding drop outs and crazy short rear stays. And couplers!!! (Lucky sods! hehe)

Looking forward to tearing up Barcelona in a few days even more now.

More pics and specs coming soon…

Pics of the new 14 frame over on The Dead Rappers blog.

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BLB New Catalogue

Just looking through the updated BLB catalogue… Those guys are getting in some great things. We’ve been riding their hubs for a while now and they’re great. Due to the wear and tear of polo and trick riding all hollow axles have now been replaced with solid. Those new King hubs look tough and I think I’ll be adding the Raptor stem to my new build list. And check all the Paul stuff! You might wanna swap out your crap plastic alfine/nexus shifters with a decent thumbie…

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It’s how we roll…

Found this amazing image this morning. It’s very cosmic! Schwalbe means Swallow in German, in case you were wondering. My grandad was covered in swallow tattoos too. As a traditional tattoo of sailors and fishermen, the swallow signifies ‘returning home’ as that’s what a swallow always does. And to have tattoos of them on your hands comes was derived from the hands being the last thing you might see when thrown overboard and lost at sea. “Return home”. Survive. Preferably with a polo trophy!