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Evolution of an EYEcon

When we started Cosmic in 2009, we knew we needed an identity which would describe how we played (wanted to) and felt about bike polo. We started looking into Egyptian mythology for inspiration. And the Eye of Horus instantly made sense to us, so we set about creating a relevant logo based around the eye symbol.

Nearly 5 years on from the original Cosmic Eye logo we feel it’s as relevant as ever. And as we begin the next evolution of Cosmic, we thought it would be fun to look back at our timeline and see how the EYEconic logo has changed.

Cosmic Eye Revised 2013 - Current

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Inside DZR Shoes with Brian Dillman


DSC_0623Whilst in San Francisco, I visited DZR Shoes where I caught up with Brain Dillman, who’s now their business development manager, to learn more about the brand and some of their latest doings…

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This is Cosmic – open for business

Finally, we have set up a web shop under the name…

The This is Cosmic shop is currently a simple set up, but we thought it was about time to put together a platform whereby we could offer Cosmic team designed items to our wider network of friends around the world at any time, rather than just in hand at tournaments.

In time, we will also be developing the shop to sell a selection of hand picked products from brand leaders connected to the bike polo scene.

Our philosophy is to only offer qualitative and functional products. Essentially, you will not find us selling anything that we have not had a hand in designing or would not use ourselves.

For now, you can visit the shop here or via the shop page at the top of our blog.

Thanks for your support – this is cosmic.

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Cosmic x Milltag

We are excited and proud to officially welcome Milltag into the Cosmic fold.
Already known for their creative approach to performance cycle wear, we have partnered up with Milltag to help develop a more specific polo jersey. One which will meet the demands of the fast paced,  physical game, which is often played outdoors in hot summer weather conditions.
Our partnership will see Milltag produce our official summer 2012 team jerseys with the new polo specific design.  These will be unveiled at the forthcoming UK Championships in Birmingham, during the 1st – 2nd of July – and believe us when we say the design is very cosmic indeed!
In the meantime, to help support our cosmic journey across Europe this summer to attend the European Championships in Paris and the Worlds in Geneva, Milltag has launched this very special “fundraiser” t-shirt.

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A Cosmic Interview with Paul Components – Final Part

Cosmic – In early 2000 you released a versatile single speed frame made from quality Reynolds 853 tubing. What happened to this and why did you not continue developing frames further?

Paul – This was a short lived idea. Soulcraft made two of them and that was that. It became clear that was going to be a money losing enterprise for us both. I also have built several frames. Super fun but tons more work than I ever thought. I may return to that but for now I’m geeking on messing around with old manual machines.

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