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EHBPC 2013 Double Elim Final – CMD vs Edisons

Call Me Daddy (France) went into the tournament final against Edisons (Germany) unbeaten, meaning Edisons would have to beat CMD twice in order to become European Champions.

Edisons beat CMD in the first game, forcing a rematch, which CMD then won, crowning them Champions for a 2nd year in a row.

1st game:


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CMD WHBPC 2012 Champions

Our good friends Call me Daddy from France, have just added to their recent European Bike Polo Champions title by now becoming the World Champions too.

They beat The Guardian’s from Seattle, 4-2 in a 15 minute final, held in Geneva.

Well done guys!

Also a massive big up to The Guardians for finishing 2nd best and entertaining all weekend with clean and stylish bike polo – great to see.

Clobber Polotics from Chicago took 3rd and Dead Rappers, our home town friends, took a very respectable 4th.

Read more to see final WHBPC rankings for 2012.

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EHBPC 2012 Winners Bracket Semi Final – Hooks vs CMD

The winners bracket semi final of Hooks (Rouen, FRA) vs Call Me Daddy (Paris, FRA).

Using multiple cameras, this is the closest to a professional edit of bike polo we’ve seen to date in Europe.

Hooks vs Call me daddy from Paris Bike Polo on Vimeo.

Good filming and live stream broadcasting, is the way forward for bike polo. It will grow it globally – more spectators = more sponsors = more benefits and support for the sport.

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CMD Top French EHBPC Qualification

Correction, Call Me Daddy (WHBPC 2011 runners up) have just topped the French EHBPC qualification tournament…not won the French Championships. Although some would say it’s the same thing.

Also, big pat on the back to runners up Hooks from Rouen, 3rd place takers Ma Couille from Bordeaux and the rest who have qualified for EHBPC this July in Paris.

Here’s the final rankings…


Call Me Daddy’s William Jr on Riding In Circle

Like the brave Victorian souls at the forefront of mountaineering, bike polo players are looking beyond available resources to design the equipment they need at the top level of competition. Whether it be helmets, frames, wheels, or gloves, we have made-do since the beginning. We’re predicting this year will be a sea change.

One player, at the top of his game, who has out-grown appropriated equipment, is William Jr from Call Me Daddy. Cosmic took some time to chat to him about his new frame before it makes its debut at the London International Invitational…

Photograph by wiganwill

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