The raddest thing in bike polo.

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UK Champs 2013 highlights promo video…

Full length highlights video coming soon.


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Pick-up session: Mitch, 06.06.13

Friend and London based photographer, Wigan Will, came down to evening pick-up at Mitch court last Tuesday and snapped some awesome pictures…

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Stay energised…

With tournament season around the corner, it’s important to remember to stay energised for all those hard games during a long competitive weekend. This is when drinking and eating well comes into good practice.

Clif Bar and Company, from America, have been making good, healthy energy bars since the early 90’s. They do heaps of tasty flavours too. My personal favourite is Crunchy Peanut Butter – I have a sweet tooth!

I couldn’t eat enough of these bars during my travels, they certainly helped me push on during polo games as well as on long day hikes. I seriously recommend them. I also love their branding.

To find out where you can grab some, go check the stockist page on their site.

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Three of the best…

On cleaning up our drafts folder, we came across a saved post about some of our favourite polo videos. Some are absolute classics and worth posting up.

A great team video by DTGP from Paris. IMO those guys were way ahead when it came to team identity…

Great vibes from one of our favourite tournaments ever, London Open 2011…

And, what it’s really like at a tournament…

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Summer Freshness – Mat’s 14 Bike Co x Cosmic Bike Polo

Due to receiving my 14 Bike Co x Cosmic Bike Polo frame so close to departing for my RTW trip, there was barely enough time to get it painted. As a result, the colour (Matte Ano Blue) was a temporary finish and to be redone when I returned to London.

Drive side

The new finish turned out looking awesome…

Drive side

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LA BM4 2013 Final

BM4 web

Last weekend in LA, Rupert played in the BM4 tournament with, Global United, captained by Eric Kremin (Beaver Boys fame). And they won! Beating The Moroders, captained by Eric Crandall (Portland United).

Feedback on the tournament was that the standard of play was incredible and very intense.

The final is now available to view, but as YouTube restricts uploaded film time lengths, the game is split over 4 uploads. Be sure to watch them in order 1 to 4.

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It’s been awhile since I’ve ridden fixed gear, been even longer since I rode track and seems a lifetime ago that I played polo with just that one gear and no brakes.

I still love the feeling you get from riding fixed and have a vintage English track frame that one day I’ll build back up for those casual summer road rides. But for now, my riding focus is still on single speed set ups.

However, when it comes to following track racing, there is nothing more inspiring than seeing how a track rider approaches their discipline, both on and off their fixed gear bikes.

Here are series of films which give a great insight into such mindsets….inspirational.

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