The raddest thing in bike polo.

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Todd killing it

We’ve been around the block with polo footwear in the past few years; from Sidi, to Lake, to Nike, to Shimano, and back to Nike (by way of DIY). The only options we’ve been happy with are no longer in production, and the damned #polotrend eats up our supply. So, knowing our keen eye for killer footwear, Dillman sent us the DZR Mambas to try out last autumn: what a winter it’s been in London to test them out.

The Mambas have been doing their job solidly, what more could you ask for? Comfort? Yep, got it. Stiff sole? Yep. Heel protection? Thank god, yes. Cross strap? Indeed. They seem to have it all. I can’t think of a better polo-shoe on the market, but rest assured, DZR are working on it!



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14 Bike Co X Cosmic Bike Polo – Mat

Finally, here is Mat’s 14 Bike Co X Cosmic Bike Polo set up…

front side

Drive side

It’s not too dissimilar to Todd’s, just a few personal differences. And where as Todd went for the retro polished silver look, I’ve gone for stealthy black parts and a matte finished frame colour – anodised cobalt blue.

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DZR – Hello there!

Finding good shoes for polo is difficult. Well it is if you want to look good too! There are a ton of Shimano shoes out there that are solid and will stand up strong…but have you seen them?Not the most attractive shoes to play in.

As the most stylish team you’ve ever known (cough! Worst dressed team in polo) Cosmic have always been on a quest for cool clipless shoes. As the search for Poobahs and retro Answer and Shimanos begins to dry up, we’ve decided we want something new. From a brand that believes in what they make and has a respect for our game and cycling in general. So ‘step’ forward DZR.

We’ve been eagerly watching DZRs progress over the last few seasons and know they make a great looking product. We’re also aware none of their range has been designed for bike polo, though that hasn’t stopped a fair few players putting them through their paces.

Bike polo is the ultimate testing ground for DZR and is needed if the ultimate shoe is to be created. And we reckon it just might be. Not yet, but it’s obvious DZR are pushing for it. And we can’t wait! For now though there are at least 2 styles in the range which look perfect to play in.

It’s still early days for such a new and innovative brand and they continue to push boundaries with their product. Essentially, great looking shoes that are functional, keep you on your bike, and that don’t look like your everday road/mtb shoe.

Cosmic look very much forward to riding DZR and working together. Welcome to the team.

A Cosmic colourway with eye monogram lining might just work right?… ;)