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Bespoke Bristol 2012 Highlights

I checked out Bespoke Bristol last Saturday. It was a great show, so much awesome stuff to see. You could walk around for hours and still come across new things not spotted previously.

Every year, awards are given out for best in. This years winners were…

Bespoke Bristol Category Winners
•    Best of Show – sponsored by Reynolds – Robin Mather ‘Camponneur’
•    Best Road Bicycle – sponsored by Reynolds – Ricky Feather ‘Rapha’
•    Best Track Bicycle – sponsored by Brooks – Demon Frameworks ‘Hermes’
•    Best Utility Bicycle – sponsored by Brooks – Mercian Cycles ‘Jane’s Bike’
•    Best Off Road – sponsored by Hope – Crisp ‘Il Capo’
•    Best New Builder – sponsored by Columbus and Ceeway – Matthew Wilkinson ‘ Mixed Gear’
•    ‘Touring/Randonneur’ – Roberts ‘Rough Stuff’ and Winter Bicycles ‘Wanderer’
•    Spirit of Cycling – 13th Floor Distribution (Tim March)
•    Public Vote for Best In Show – Robin Mather

No denying the wealth of the talent on show, but here are a few of my likes…

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TAYA Chains

If there is one bike part that you must have ultimate trust in, it’s your chain. I’ve seen too many chains brake during a game and the result is not a pretty sight.

Playing Bike Polo puts a lot of stress on a chain due to all the constant stop, starting and sudden bursts of pedal power required during a game. This abuse leads to chains stretching far quicker compared to normal day to day use.

Therefore, the choice of a strong, light and durable chain is very important.

Cosmic is now proud to be riding TAYA high performance chains.

TAYA Chains started to produce bicycle chains in Taiwan back in 1969.

Staying true to producing almost every part in Taiwan and investing in better technologies as well as their workers, TAYA is at the forefront in sustainable chain manufacturing.

We will be testing out the Flight Single A , TB-980 and Super Single A Half Link chains…and guess what, they come in purple!


Call Me Daddy’s William Jr on Riding In Circle

Like the brave Victorian souls at the forefront of mountaineering, bike polo players are looking beyond available resources to design the equipment they need at the top level of competition. Whether it be helmets, frames, wheels, or gloves, we have made-do since the beginning. We’re predicting this year will be a sea change.

One player, at the top of his game, who has out-grown appropriated equipment, is William Jr from Call Me Daddy. Cosmic took some time to chat to him about his new frame before it makes its debut at the London International Invitational…

Photograph by wiganwill

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