The raddest thing in bike polo.


Yorgo Tloupas Custom Riding In Circles Polo Bike

With a very unique rattle-can-esque spray fade – quite Cosmique.

For the full story on bike, check Yorgo’s blog here.

Oh, and nice limited edition Cosmic Tee.


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Sneak Peek : 14BikeCo X Cosmic Bike Polo Frame

Since the summer, Cosmic have been working with 14BikeCo on not 1, but 2 new Bike Polo frames from the ground up. A version in 26” (by Todd and Mat) and one in 700c (by Rupert).

The focus has been to design simple frames, that are strong, modern and as light as possible, whilst still maintaining some classic 14BikeCo signature details.

The frames are nearly done…cutting it fine for mine, as I’ll get it back from the painters just 2 days before I depart for my trip!

As soon as frames are finished, we’ll give a more detailed in-sight into their design. For now, here’s a sneak peak of the 26” version…

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3D Printed Titanium Dropouts!

The Design Museum recently showcased an evening of bike related discussions and events as part of it’s Bike V Design night. Cosmic were there talking about polo. There was so much that we wanted to see but unfortunately missed. However we did see the Charge Bikes talk which was very interesting.

Charge Bikes creative director and head of research, Nick Larson, was there to discuss the company’s direction and amongst many new things, focused on titanium printed dropouts. Currently these are being made on a small 3D printing bed and cost a lot of money! He mentioned £1000+ each!. But in the name of innovation he is pushing for this technique to become more popular which will inturn lower costs. He also mentioned his plans to take 3D printing into a wider range of bicycle components and possibly one day, a full bike frame. Exciting!

Here a new video showing the current production of Charges Printed Titanium Dropouts

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14 Bike Co. – Back in effect


As most of you know, 14 Bike Co from London were one of the very first companies out there to build a hardcourt bike polo specific frame. They started with a 700c and eventually worked on a 26 inspired by old British grass polo frames. These frames are all handbuilt in England which remains true to their original ethos.

The 14 polo bikes with their zero rake forks and mega short wheelbase played a huge influence on London’s polo scene and helped take the game further. They ride like a dream and the maneuverability is like no other polo bike out there. However, things do change. The game is moving in all kinds of directions. Whilst some NA players out there are moving to 26, some Londoners et al are switching right back to 700! You gotta love development.  And whilst zero rake is still cutting it for some, finding ‘that ‘holy trail’ has become a big priority.

14 Bike Co. (despite almost vanishing from the face of the Earth) have been busy plotting and planning their next venture. And things are picking right back up. I can’t give too much away right now but what I can tell you all is that some new polo frames are going to be emerging very soon. Whilst the current version (bendy ST) will still be available, a new style with a brand new geo (inc Holy Trail) is about to drop. Two 26ers and maybe, just maybe, a 700! Oh and they’re gonna be Cosmic! We’re hoping these will be available ‘off the peg’ in specific sizes. Stay tuned for more info.

In the meanwhile, keep up to date with all the happenings over at the 14 BIKE CO site. The blog is back up and running and a few new sections are about to be added. Might even see a few polo players in the ‘my14’ bit.


Also, check out Duncans new ESB 29er built by SuperTed. Very awesome!