The raddest thing in bike polo.

5 Comments creates unfair advantage?

DSC_7198’s ‘stream team’ by Kev Walsh

The North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships (NAHBPC) received 2972 unique viewers over the three-day event in August this year. The figure is undoubtedly higher as many screens had more than one spectator – some with whiteboards and notepads. European tournament broadcasting has not been as consistent. and Mr.Do’s  Vimeo coverage provide players with resources to review and plan successful responses to the teams being watched. At this time those teams are North American, with the exception of some international teams playing in North American tournaments. Is this creating an unfair advantage for European players?

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Todd killing it

We’ve been around the block with polo footwear in the past few years; from Sidi, to Lake, to Nike, to Shimano, and back to Nike (by way of DIY). The only options we’ve been happy with are no longer in production, and the damned #polotrend eats up our supply. So, knowing our keen eye for killer footwear, Dillman sent us the DZR Mambas to try out last autumn: what a winter it’s been in London to test them out.

The Mambas have been doing their job solidly, what more could you ask for? Comfort? Yep, got it. Stiff sole? Yep. Heel protection? Thank god, yes. Cross strap? Indeed. They seem to have it all. I can’t think of a better polo-shoe on the market, but rest assured, DZR are working on it!


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“Why do you play bike polo?!”

I think we’re all familiar with this question; Rouen’s Epiphanie tournament is the answer.

Every January, after a tough summer tournament-season, fires are rekindled with a heart-warming trip to the beautiful, cobbled town of northern France. Gifts are shared and a few games of polo are played, but mostly it’s an opportunity to catch up with buddies and shoot the shit.

Josh made this video which captures the atmosphere perfectly.

Rouen, we love you!