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Cosmic New Team Jersey: The Artwork


As most of you know already, we’ve had a brand new jersey made and boy-oh-boy is it ever cosmic!

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New PAUL v-brake


Just seen this photo of the new Paul Components Minimoto v-brake. Very nice! Love the simplicity. I remember seeing a similar Cane Creek version with the curved arms and wondered how that effected performance. Maybe somebody at Paul will tell us. This version is designed for short pull levers which I like the idea of going back to! Not sure if this could ever tempt me away from Motolites but it sure does look pretty! Hmnnn…

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Custom cycling shoes now made easy! – Retrofitz

Just saw this and thought I should share it with you all:


Custom spd’s made easy!

Now I haven’t checked costs so don’t get too excited.

I’m stocked up for the polo season so don’t need any more shoes but I think these look neat. Sure, they stick out a bit but that’d soon wear down. It’s a pretty good start if you ask me.

Though having never made a pair myself, I couldn’t comment on how the stability of these would compare to a full sole ripped out of an old pair of Shimanos…

One thing I do know is that spd’s and polo go really well together. And if finding shoes is an issue and the whole DIY thing is just too much, then these are bound to make your life that bit easier.

Might just give DIY shoes a go someday…