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Going…. Around The World!

At the end of this month Mat will be leaving us to go on a round the world journey! As his honeymoon was spent at the Euros and the Worlds earlier this year, I think it’s about time he and Therese actually got away and spent some quality time together. So jobs have been jacked in, their home has been given up, and the bike stable has taken a huge hit! And what about Cosmic I hear you all saying?!

Well both Rupert and I are happy to keep things going over here and will be taking it easy with lots of chilled polo. We have split to play on separate BM London League teams and may play a few tournaments on mixed teams. However, there will be lots of Cosmic times and in the tradition of several tourneys we played this year, we’ll team up with our buddies to form some special Cosmic spin-off teams. You remember the famous Los Cosmicos (Alejandro) and of course the fabulous Cosmique with Yorgo. Then there was tourneys with our main man Rob (BDX) and even a Cosmorico team with Marc and Seabass! So if you fancy stepping in for Mat and forming a Cosmic syndicate then give us a shout! We’re up for traveling.

Then there’s Mat…who will be touring on his polo bike and looking for team mates whilst on the move. Australasia Champs! There’s no doubt he and Therese will be bringing the Cosmic vibez to a town near you very soon. And they return in 6/7 months for the grand reunion!

We have more exciting stuff planned too. That will never stop! There’s 3 new bikes about to happen and a few other little extras we’ll be launching.

So best wishes to our Cosmic Family who will be leaving us for fun times in Japan, Australia, NZ, USA, Canada, and maybe more?

Keep It Cosmic


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3D Printed Titanium Dropouts!

The Design Museum recently showcased an evening of bike related discussions and events as part of it’s Bike V Design night. Cosmic were there talking about polo. There was so much that we wanted to see but unfortunately missed. However we did see the Charge Bikes talk which was very interesting.

Charge Bikes creative director and head of research, Nick Larson, was there to discuss the company’s direction and amongst many new things, focused on titanium printed dropouts. Currently these are being made on a small 3D printing bed and cost a lot of money! He mentioned £1000+ each!. But in the name of innovation he is pushing for this technique to become more popular which will inturn lower costs. He also mentioned his plans to take 3D printing into a wider range of bicycle components and possibly one day, a full bike frame. Exciting!

Here a new video showing the current production of Charges Printed Titanium Dropouts

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14 Bike Co. – Back in effect


As most of you know, 14 Bike Co from London were one of the very first companies out there to build a hardcourt bike polo specific frame. They started with a 700c and eventually worked on a 26 inspired by old British grass polo frames. These frames are all handbuilt in England which remains true to their original ethos.

The 14 polo bikes with their zero rake forks and mega short wheelbase played a huge influence on London’s polo scene and helped take the game further. They ride like a dream and the maneuverability is like no other polo bike out there. However, things do change. The game is moving in all kinds of directions. Whilst some NA players out there are moving to 26, some Londoners et al are switching right back to 700! You gotta love development.  And whilst zero rake is still cutting it for some, finding ‘that ‘holy trail’ has become a big priority.

14 Bike Co. (despite almost vanishing from the face of the Earth) have been busy plotting and planning their next venture. And things are picking right back up. I can’t give too much away right now but what I can tell you all is that some new polo frames are going to be emerging very soon. Whilst the current version (bendy ST) will still be available, a new style with a brand new geo (inc Holy Trail) is about to drop. Two 26ers and maybe, just maybe, a 700! Oh and they’re gonna be Cosmic! We’re hoping these will be available ‘off the peg’ in specific sizes. Stay tuned for more info.

In the meanwhile, keep up to date with all the happenings over at the 14 BIKE CO site. The blog is back up and running and a few new sections are about to be added. Might even see a few polo players in the ‘my14’ bit.


Also, check out Duncans new ESB 29er built by SuperTed. Very awesome!


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Another Cosmic Wedding!!!! And an EHBPC 2012 honeymoon!!!?

That’s right! The time has come for Mat and Therese to come together in Cosmic harmony and tie the knot.

This weekend we’ll be heading over to Sweden to celebrate BIG TIME! (Sat 14th Wedding Day) How exciting. I’m sure there will be lots of dancing and singing! Might even get the chair guitar out…

Of course Mat always gets mentioned on here so I’m gonna post up a pic of T instead! Our No.1 super special fan! A true Cosmic. Therese has endured so much of Mat’s polo talk (which also happens in his sleep) that she knows more about polo than he does! Probably! And rather than scaring the life out of her, she’s welcomed it open armed and made the decision to marry into a lifetime of bikes, polo, more bikes, and err more polo! Awesome! And what better way to spend your honeymoon than at the EHBPC 2012 in Paris! Whoo Hoo! Don’t forget your famous cow bells Therese!

So be sure to wish the happy couple much love and luck and make sure you congratulate them at the Euros! Mat better be working on a top 5 spot or else there could be trouble…


There’s gonna be a lot of Cosmic love on the court let me tell you!






Which Goals?


Been thinking about goals lately. Not the kind you score but the ones you score into.

Tournaments will typically have well built goal frames with nets. There doesn’t seem to be a standard build and it would be really great to add some images of all your pro goals right here.

But what about throw-ins? I can’t count how many times we’ve gone on the hunt for street cones, got a good days use out of them, and then returned to see them missing or chewed up by dogs! So sometimes we end up using our bags. It’s like being back in the school playground.

Polo has to go on, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a permanent goal? I can’t see this happening for a while so what are our choices? What is everyone else using? Do us a favour and let us know.

I was thinking about better, removable, more reliable goals that we could play with. How about a cone which is more straight with no stick out base? (We would need to lock them up though) What about having nets? A cross bar? A fold up goal which can easily be carried?

All nice ideas but right now it’s not really happening. But we can’t go on like this surely!…

There’s nothing quite like shooting against a decent goal!


Elasticated belt barriers perhaps?


Ideas please!