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Summer Freshness – Mat’s 14 Bike Co x Cosmic Bike Polo

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Due to receiving my 14 Bike Co x Cosmic Bike Polo frame so close to departing for my RTW trip, there was barely enough time to get it painted. As a result, the colour (Matte Ano Blue) was a temporary finish and to be redone when I returned to London.

Drive side

The new finish turned out looking awesome…

Drive side

I did like the blue, it was inspired by the midnight sky seen from the Cosmic rocket as it darted into space. But to be honest, because this particular finish was made up of 2 colours; an under coat of matte silver, then a light coating of the matte blue on top, it was always going to be hard to achieve a perfect finish.

With this in mind, I decided to go for a totally new colour and freshen things up for summer.

I still wanted the bike to reflect Cosmic team jersey colours, so chose a colour inspired by the iris in the Cosmic eye  – teal. But to make it a bit different, the teal colour was coated in a nickel gloss.

The finished look is amazing. And when the summer sun hits the frame, it slightly sparkles.

Big thanks to 14 Bike Co and Duncan and Steve at Armourtex Powder Coaters for doing such a great job on the paint finish.

And as always, thanks to Paul Comp. Schwalbe, Taya Chains, Magic Bike Polo and DZR Shoes.

For more spec info on the 14 Bike Co x Cosmic Bike Polo and how to purchase one, please email us and we will be happy to discuss next steps.

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