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LA BM4 2013 Final

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Last weekend in LA, Rupert played in the BM4 tournament with, Global United, captained by Eric Kremin (Beaver Boys fame). And they won! Beating The Moroders, captained by Eric Crandall (Portland United).

Feedback on the tournament was that the standard of play was incredible and very intense.

The final is now available to view, but as YouTube restricts uploaded film time lengths, the game is split over 4 uploads. Be sure to watch them in order 1 to 4.

Rupert also clocked up some pretty impressive personal playing stats, including being named 1/3rd of most dangerous line up.

You can check all stats here.

We look forward to hearing more from Rupert upon his return, especially as he will be captain of his own BM team at the first ever Euro Bench, being held in Brighton, 20th-21st July.

One thought on “LA BM4 2013 Final

  1. That’s my little raccoon! Great playing with ya Rupert.

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