The raddest thing in bike polo.

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All my Personal Things in One Bag

When you decide to travel for 6 months with just one bag and one polo bike, across various weather climate zones and diverse country landscapes, the task of what to pack can be daunting.

Now that my trip is close to it’s end, I decided to take this picture to show everything I currently have in my bag.

my stuff

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More Anodised Stuff

If we’re not blogging on about purple bike parts, we’re always looking out for other rad anodised stuff.

Whilst in Vancouver, Todd and I checked out the outdoor store Mountain Equipment Co-op, where we found these awesome anodised titanium Sporks by Japanese brand Snow Peak.

Snow Peak Spork

We just had to buy matching polo bike colours (Todd green, me blue). Besides, in our opinion, a Spork is another essential travel / court side item.

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Snap on, Snap off Water

When people see my bike for the first time, one of the most talked about parts on it is the detachable water bottle cage.

As part of my travels, I have spent so much time riding my polo bike around cities on hot summer days, being able to carry a water bottle has been essential. Then when I get to polo, I can just snap it off in an instant and I’m ready to play.

The cage mount is made by German company SKS. Any cage will fit on it, but I decided to go with a plastic model from Top Peak. I primarily liked the design but also the colour option – gold matches my hubs ;-)

Surprisingly a lot of people haven’t seen these brands before, but I’m sure they’ve got distribution in most countries, just get onto your local bike shop to order.

water bottle