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Kinoko Cycles New London Shop

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Tokyo Fixed Gear shop becomes Kinoko Cycles…



kinoko cycles 2

I’ve known Max from Tokyo Fixed Gear for a number of years, my NJS Vivalo passed through his hands before I got hold of it. I would drop into his pop up store on Brick Lane when I rode the city streets with FGL collective.

During the boom period of Fixed Gear in London, Max moved from the pop up location and opened a permanent store in Soho, still named Tokyo Fixed Gear. IMO it was one of the best bike stores in London as it had a good mix of products, from cycle accessories to hard to find frame rarities.

However, a lot has changed since then. Fixed Gear culture has become more defined, with sub cultures such as Fixed Tricks going off in it’s own independent direction and the popularity of riding serious road gears increasing. As a result the demand for vintage and Japanese track frames has slowed.

Max has been clever to grow with these trends and accommodated by diversifying the product mix in TFG as well as setting up his own frame brand simply known as Tokyo Fixed. But as the product range changed the shop name became less and less relevant. With that it was time to make some changes and step things up.

The result is a fresh new store in Golden Square, London, under the new name of, Kinoko Cycles. And judging by the photos below (see more here), he’s done an amazing job.

I’ve not yet visited as I unfortunately missed the opening (too busy playing polo) but I look forward to popping in for a browse.

Good luck guys, it’s great to see an independent bike store setting new standards.


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