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Cosmic Changes

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In a lifetime, 6 months doesn’t seem long.

When I left London back in November with my wife Therese to embark on our 6 month trip, I was probably naive to think things back home wouldn’t change upon our return. The reality is change effects us all every day, every moment. Therefore, a lot can happen in just 6 months.

Even those we’ve met along our travels have experienced degree’s of change. Some have since changed countries of residence, set up businesses, got married, become regional bike polo champs or quit jobs and gone travelling themselves. But it’s the changes closer to home that have the greatest impact on oneself.

When Todd messaged me about the news he was to become a Dad later this year, I jumped up and nearly hit the ceiling with joy. The first little one for the Cosmic family I thought. I was just so happy for him and his wife Hayley. What awesome parents they will make.

Then Todd went on to explain that as a result of this pending family addition, he and Hayley had had to look seriously into their current lifestyle situation.

Is London the right place for them to live in now?

Asking themselves this question led Todd to find the job of his dreams at Finisterre – a cold water surf brand based in St Agnes, Cornwall. About a 6 hour drive Southwest from London, it’s located in one of the most beautiful parts of England and a far better place to bring up a family.

For me, the initial thought of coming back to London and not having one of my best mates living nearby was tough. But for Todd and Hayley they’d be leaving lots of things behind them in London, such as good friends and memories, so the change for them was going to be much tougher.

My feeling is that good friends and memories will always be with you no matter where you go. But for Todd, I know leaving the LPC was the toughest part of his pending move, especially as there is no polo (yet) in Cornwall.

Todd and I started playing polo within 6 months of each other. Todd found it first and kept persuading   me to give try it. I initially wasn’t interested until one winter’s evening, nearly 5 years ago, I gave it a go. Soon after we formed Cosmic3 with another LPC local; Tomasito. About 18 months later, Rupert replaced Tom and we simply became known as Cosmic.

Through out this time we (Cosmic) have experienced great adventures with the LPC as well as many others on and off the court. Who can forget the Cosmic band.

To celebrate Todd being part of the LPC, he was given a Tap Out last Sunday – a traditional event given to those who move on from the LPC (gone but not forgotten).

No place seemed more fitting to hold it than at the court where it all began for us – Downham Road.

As the Spring sun shined down on the familiar tarmac and the smell of burning BBQ’s was in the air, I expect the good days of past were soon remembered well by all those there.

Wigan Will took some beautiful pictures (below and here) of the day. And even though a lot of Cosmic love was present, I wished Rupert and myself could have been there to tap out properly our good friend and team mate.

Todd 2 Todd Face Todd face 2 eye downham todd riding

TunnelApparently the Tap Out finished Todd 2 – LPC 5. Todd, I hope there was a wheelie goal in there.

As my 6 month adventure is close to finishing, Todd and Hayley’s new one is just beginning. And again, we just want to wish them both a safe move, best wishes and good luck for all the awesome cosmic things around the corner.

Now as for Cosmic, the Bike Polo team, with all the personal changes happening, it’s made attending the big tournaments for this year (UK, Euros and World Champs) hard. We might individually mix things up for future tournaments but this doesn’t mark the end for Cosmic, but just another change in the Cosmic story.

Anyway, here’s to you Todd – we’re gonna miss ya but we’ll be sure to visit you soon!

Keep it Cosmic!

P1000287 P1040044 P1040359 P1050115

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