The raddest thing in bike polo.

All my Personal Things in One Bag

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When you decide to travel for 6 months with just one bag and one polo bike, across various weather climate zones and diverse country landscapes, the task of what to pack can be daunting.

Now that my trip is close to it’s end, I decided to take this picture to show everything I currently have in my bag.

my stuff

I tried to pack light, bringing just the essential things. Along my travels, of course I temporarily gained a few additional items more suited for certain activities such as; camping, cooking and snorkelling. But in general, everything packed has aided me well.

However, if I was to add any missing items to the packed list, a pair of binoculars, merino wool leggings and a better waterproof jacket would have been useful.

Living with only essential items is a good feeling, it certainly reduces the stress of choice and the heavy weight of baggage.

And for a packing tip: organise everything into associated groups (underwear, tee’s, shirts, electrical, cutlery, paperwork etc) and pack in relevant sized zip bags and files – 1£ netted wash bags are good. This makes packing and finding everything in just one backpack way easier and quicker.

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