The raddest thing in bike polo.

The Essential Tools

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Whilst travelling RTW with my polo bike, it’s been important to travel light, yet still make sure I have all the essential tools to build / break down my bike or fix majority of problems, either by the road or court side.

This is currently what essential tools I have in my kit…


Left to right:

  1. Carhartt mini foot pump – best pump ever!
  2. Pedal spanner with a 15 and 14mm socket wrench.
  3. 8mm crank allen key also fits axel bolts on my rear Hope hub.
  4. Cable cutters – normally carry a spare brake cable too, but just recently used it.
  5. Pliers.
  6. Adjustable wrench. TBH I don’t need this for my bike, but someone court side always does.
  7. Park Tool allen key set.
  8. Cosmic stickers – always need to be ready to sticker bomb!
  9. Schwalbe 26″ inner tube.
  10. Hockey and electrical tape. Good for mallet grips, cable ends, medical tape and holding all sorts of things together in an emergency.
  11. Two metal tyre levers.
  12. Spoke key – normally carry some spare spokes too.
  13. Chain splitter.
  14. Paul Comp. 15mm wrench with bottle opener. Used to tighten Motolite brake springs and of course open a fresh beer court side.
  15. Spare USB chargeable front light.

I also carry a tiny snap closer bag containing spare washers, spoke nipples, brake parts and chain links.

All these items fit into just one triangle frame bag, so I always have the necessary tool to hand.

What tools do you carry?

What do you think?

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