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Around Paul Components: Final Part – The Stockroom

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paul comp logo

Once the Paul Component has been signed off as meeting the grade, it get’s passed over to the assembly and packing room.


In keeping with the hand-made, no frills and to the point design approach at Paul Comp. component’s such as brakes and hubs, get’s packaged into a neat cardboard box, with the product cad image and description rubber stamped on it.

DSC_0612A spec card accompanies the smaller parts which get packaged into bags.


The packaged components then get put in cardboard trays and stored in bulk on shelves (or in some cases on the floor).


DSC_0644Little coloured post-it notes marking the individual components names are stuck on the front of each tray making it easier to identify when picking out for retail orders.

DSC_0622 DSC_0623A bunch of used post-it notes make for creative wall art:DSC_0629Oh yes…a box of purple stuff – Paul Comp always keep it cosmic:DSC_0631A tower of hubs, ready and waiting:DSC_0657 DSC_0658 DSC_0659 Cosmic make it onto the infamous office fridge:

DSC_0666The bosses desk:

DSC_0635Kate’s town commuter:
Big thanks to Kate for giving us such an awesome shop tour.
It really was a dream to look behind the doors and see how much considered attention and passion goes into making Paul Components awesome.
Keep keeping it cosmic guys!
For more info on the brand, product and dealers, check the new Paul Components website here.

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