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Around Paul Components: Part 3 – The Finishing Process

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paul comp logoOnce the components are ready to come off the mill, they need to get cleaned up in the finishing room.

In here the components are transferred into pots filled with either ceramic cones or walnut shell granules and tumbled until they are polished enough to see your own reflection on.

Ceramic tumbler pot:

DSC_0585Walnut shell granules tumbler pot:DSC_0593Job list:
DSC_0597 After all components are cleaned and polished, they go over to the quality control dept. (desk).

Here all details and tolerances are checked by hand on every individual part against their original spec sheet drawings.

Paul Comp. are ruthless when it comes to quality control, so if something is not right with a component it will never see the light of day – strict!

This level of control is the advantage a small independent shop like Paul Comp. has over the huge commercial bike factories who make their parts in big bulk batches.


Tool for checking over chain rings: DSC_0607 Original spec sheets (top secret material):DSC_0603 Parts waiting to be checked and signed off:


The Paul Comp. shop even has a little bike workshop where they have a bunch of spare parts (noticed a few Phil and Chris King parts just sitting around in there) available to build up any bike in order to go out and test product.
A lot of the shop staff will also just come in and tinker with their own bikes during lunch or after work.
DSC_0577Next part: The Stock Room
For more info on Paul Components, check their new website here.

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