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Australasian Bike Polo Champs 2013 Highlights Video

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When the 2013 Australasian Bike Polo Championships was confirmed last year to be held in New Zealand, it became the perfect opportunity to make sure our visit to the country, as part of our RTW trip, coincided with the tournament’s dates.

I picked up a sub spot on Melbourne Anchor and joined the rest of the country’s best, along with New Zealand’s emerging scene, in Timaru.

After spending 2 months travelling around Australia and a month in New Zealand, I got to meet and play with the main bike polo scenes in both countries before arriving at the tournament.

During this time I can honestly say that we had some of the best times hanging out with everyone we met and now value many as good friends.

In addition to playing and watching some awesome polo, for us, being a part of this years Australasian Championships was more like our reunion and farewell party all rolled into one.

We feel truly fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel around such beautiful countries and meet such awesome people, who all share the same thing – the love of bike polo and good times.

I have put this short edit together highlighting the tournament and our journey to Timaru from Mt Cook National Park.

A massive thanks to Sam and the rest of Timaru Bike Polo for putting together such a well organised and fun tournament.

And again, a BIG warm thank you to everyone who hooked us up along our journey – we miss you all.

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