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Around Paul Components: Part Two – Production Process

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paul comp logoAfter looking into the mind of Paul, we locked the door firmly behind us and started walking around the main shop building to where the raw materials are stored.

The gleaming new shop extension:

DSC_0520The Paul Comp. company white van (needs some purple rims):


We walked passed the staff communal area (drinking spot):

A big part of Kate’s role is to order the raw material stock of which all Paul Comp. parts are made from.

Long rods of high grade aluminium and other materials are stored on racks until needed on the mills.

Material quality is of prime focus at Paul Comp. Kate dropped names like Aerospace Technology as just some of the suppliers. Anything with the word “space” in it get’s the Cosmic seal of quality.

Due to the good relationships Paul Comp. has with suppliers, they are in a position to order specific grades and shapes to suit only their patent product designs. Just another sign of quality control.

DSC_0524 DSC_0528 DSC_0532Raw stock for hubs:DSC_0526 Raw stock for components like brake levers:DSC_0527

Once the raw stock is selected off the shelf, it goes to the first machine to get cut down into more useable lengths for it’s product purpose.
DSC_0533 DSC_0536 DSC_0535
Cut to become a chain ring:DSC_0566Cut for axels:
DSC_0563The cut raw material is then put into a milling machine which has all sorts of flashing lights, buttons and digital screens showing spec calculations and pressure ratings (basically lots tech stuff). And with a press of a button the machine takes over like a robot and begins modelling the raw material into a component.
The machine set up is industry top secret, so even Cosmic had restricted photo access to that. But here’s one of the Machinists at work on the evening shift:
DSC_0561 DSC_0542
DSC_0548It’s hard to believe that a small block of raw material becomes a beautiful Paul Component.DSC_0540Proud of a good nights work:
Next part – The Finishing Process.
For more info on Paul Components, check their new website here.

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