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Around Paul Components: Part Two – Production Process

paul comp logoAfter looking into the mind of Paul, we locked the door firmly behind us and started walking around the main shop building to where the raw materials are stored.

The gleaming new shop extension:

DSC_0520The Paul Comp. company white van (needs some purple rims):

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The Bloods

Back in March, Manchester Bike Polo organised a weekend tournament called; The North South Divider Invitational.

The invited team list comprised of six from the North of UK and 6 from the South. However, the format was slightly different to that of a regular tournament. In addition to the 12 teams playing each other in a swiss rounds / double elim tournament, the six teams from each area then came together to form two Bench Minor teams, thus giving one North vs South Bench Minor game.

Todd and Rupert both attended and formed a team called; The Bloods, with Adam aka Badger from Spring Break. They finished 3rd in the individual team tournament.

Here are videos courtesy of 5G Bike Polo showing The Bloods games against Sandbaggers (finished 2nd) and Cherry Pickers (finished 1st).

As for the Bench Minor, South went onto beat North.

An interesting tournament and another example of the Bench Minor format coming into practice.

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Around Paul Components: Part One – Design Process

paul comp logoOn our travels through California, we took a slight detour to the small town of Chico to visit the lovely folk at Paul Components.

Having built up a great relationship over the past few years through email, it was nice to finally put some faces to the names behind the brand as well as look at how some of the most beautiful bike parts around are made.

We were greeted at the front door of the unassuming factory (although they like to call it the “shop”) by Kate Carmichael – a key cog in the Paul Components team.

After a catch up on each others latest doings; Kate had just got back from Bespoked Bristol, which she added was a huge success for the brand, we were ready for the famous guided shop tour. I was like an excited child the night before Christmas…

DSC_0484 DSC_0660

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Todd killing it

We’ve been around the block with polo footwear in the past few years; from Sidi, to Lake, to Nike, to Shimano, and back to Nike (by way of DIY). The only options we’ve been happy with are no longer in production, and the damned #polotrend eats up our supply. So, knowing our keen eye for killer footwear, Dillman sent us the DZR Mambas to try out last autumn: what a winter it’s been in London to test them out.

The Mambas have been doing their job solidly, what more could you ask for? Comfort? Yep, got it. Stiff sole? Yep. Heel protection? Thank god, yes. Cross strap? Indeed. They seem to have it all. I can’t think of a better polo-shoe on the market, but rest assured, DZR are working on it!