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14 Bike Co X Cosmic Bike Polo – Mat

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Finally, here is Mat’s 14 Bike Co X Cosmic Bike Polo set up…

front side

Drive side

It’s not too dissimilar to Todd’s, just a few personal differences. And where as Todd went for the retro polished silver look, I’ve gone for stealthy black parts and a matte finished frame colour – anodised cobalt blue.

After the Worlds this year, we (Cosmic) all had thoughts of moving to new set ups. For me, it has been long overdue to get a custom Polo frame.

In the years playing, I have only ridden 2 frames; V1 Volume Cutter and V1 Milwaukee Bruiser – solid frames. And although there were details I liked on both; the tightness of the Cutter and the handling of the Bruiser, I felt I had adapted and pushed them to the point of needing a specific Polo frame.

Then when an opportunity arose to work with 14 Bike Co and design a Cosmic Bike Polo frame, we each knew exactly what to put together. Rupert wanted to return to 700c (a size more suited to his height and playing style), where as Todd and I set about working on a new 26″ model.

Todd and I have always had similar set ups, until he changed to 26″ earlier last year. Having seen how his game had improved, I knew it was only a matter of time before I made the switch from 700c. After all, my cycling history is more rooted in smaller wheeled set ups, so I was confident 26″ would suit me better.

With our design, we wanted to go back to basics. Focus on a simple frame design (no frills), which is built strong and handles well in any court situation. We discussed what was right and wrong about our current set ups and what we wanted from a new frame. IMO many Polo bikes are too short, over complicated and have twitchy front ends. Therefore, our first priority was to dial in the size and geometry, which I believe we have achieved.

Another detail we spent a lot of time thinking about was BB height. Both Todd and I like to turn tight and get low. Sometimes we push it too far and as a result have experienced pretty harsh pedal strikes. As we wanted to now run longer cranks and slimmer tyres, we decided to raise the BB. It was a risk, but having tested the bike now, it feels perfect, so it was the right decision.

As Todd mentioned, we also looked at MTB and BMX for build inspiration. Bike Polo is a high impact sport, so it’s important the bike can take a bashing and still get through the game. We also air travel a lot, so wanted the frame to withstand the poor care of airport baggage handlers.

The result is a simple, yet solid double triangle frame, with an overall wheel base of 927mm and a BB height set to 300mm.

non-drive side


Reinforced 73mm bottom bracket.

drop out

We decided to use 14 Bike Co track ends – a nod to our fixed gear polo heritage.

seat stay

Reinforced seat tube sleeve.

Having now rode the bike for a few weeks, I can honestly say it handles like a dream and I’ve already noticed the difference to my game. I’m able to pivot turn on a dime, power through tighter turns with confidence and with no big 700c wheels in the way, I can shoot from some crazy angles and really get over the front end. I feel a new sense of freedom – it’s awesome!

We’ll post up more geo details soon, but for now, here’s a closer look at my personal set up…


Cockpit: Cosmic special anodised blue Paul Love Compact lever, Odyssey BMX slick brake cable,  Thompson 100mm stem, Race Face flat bars, Ergon grips, 14 Bike Co bar ends, purple Cosmic Rocket Top Cap.

Drive Chain

Drive Chain: Middleburn X-Type 170mm cranks with Uno 32T ring, purple Funn BB, Shimano M424 SPD pedals, purple Taya chain, Halo 20T cog.


Custom 14 Bike Co forks 400mm with 25mm drop outs, disc mounts and removal v-mounts. Cosmic purple anodised Paul Motolite brake. Gold Hope Pro Evo 2 disc hub 32h laced to Velocity Chukkers and rolling on Schwalbe Kojak 26 x 1.35.

paul brake

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