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14 Bike Co X Cosmic polo bike – Todd


Todd1The second 14 Bike Co X Cosmic bike is now complete. Whilst Mat travels the polo-world on his new frame (we await some nice pics), Todd’s bike was finished this weekend and ready for some photo love. Check it out!

Check out MOAR below!!!

These 14 Bike Co X Cosmic polo frames which will sit along-side the BAD designed, classic curved-seat-tube-frame in 14 Bike Co’s arsenal. The Cosmic model will be available in specific sizes for a quick and simple purchase, but more details about that later – we need to test the bikes first!

Both Mat and Todd set out to design their ultimate 26″ polo frame and this is the result.

(Rupert has designed the 700c version which is coming very soon!)

Because Todd has been riding a custom 14 Bike Co 26er for almost 2 years, he knew exactly what changes were needed to improve handling whilst being able to adapt to varying sizes of polo courts around the world. The geometry and trail have been a big part of the update. Strength has also been considered with gussets added to the top and down-tubes where they meet the head-tube. Also a sleeve gusset has been added to the seatpost at the seat stays to give mega strength to that area and the extended seat tube. Then there’s the reinforced BB area to help support all that hopping around. Mat’s BMX knowledge played a big part, too, in some of the features and details on these frames.

More info below:

Todd2Cosmic Cockpit: Paul Duplex Lever, Thomson 60mm stem, Ergon grips, retro Trek 7050 bars, Jagwire Ripcord & Nokon cabling + Cosmic Rocket Top Cap!

Todd6Reinforcement gusset behind 73mm BB. Middleburn X-Type 170 crankset with 32T ring. Funn BB, retro Time Carbon pedals, Magic Mallet.

Todd5Paul 36h Disk Fhub, Max Power Cycles disc guard, Avid BB7.

Todd4Chris King SS 36h rear hub with 20t for polo and a commuting sprocket. Velocity Chukkers, Schwalbe Kojaks. DMR axle hanger and a Surly Singleator tensioner will be added to pick up the slack when commuting – quick on/off process.

Todd3Salsa QR clamp, Jagwire, Nokon, Middleburn cable oilers / joiners, Thomson post.

Todd7Despite almost going with a faded paintjob, Todd’s love of retro mtb was too strong so the bike was built from the ground up with this in mind. Nothing wrong with a classic look with a little bit of anodising to set it off. Especially in purple.

This bike handles incredibly well and we feel the geometry is perfect – incorporating the Holy Trail! And it’ll certainly be able to take a good beating. The stays and fork are built in the same materials as the 14 Bike Co ESB, which means they’re Superted tough!!! The ST, TT, and DT are all (Curtis Bikes) T45 which is a combination of Carbon, Manganese and Steel – one of the strongest and highest quality tubes available, English made too! It’s used in the aerospace and motorsport industries because of it’s superior strength to weight ratio over other steel tubing.

A British polo frame in every way! We look forward to showing you the others.

Keep It Cosmic.

Inddor DSIndoor NDS

Mega thanks to John @ 14 Bike Co + Lee Cooper for the frame build. Andy @ FGL for the great wheel-build. And, of course, Paul Components and Schwalbe UK .

6 thoughts on “14 Bike Co X Cosmic polo bike – Todd

  1. hey, what size of seatpost do you use?

  2. Sexy sexy. I want one.

  3. Thanks! I have another question. If you will add a singulator, where will you put, ‘couse your frame haven’t der. hanger… ?

  4. I’m going to use a DMR Chain Tug hanger with the screw removed. Slides over a 10mm axle and sits really neat in the dropout. Remove bolt and just take off. Unfortunately the CK hub I have makes it a lottle more difficult as I have to slide wheel out first. Also had to file hole to 12mm to fit the CK fun bolt thread. Still hardly any hassle and will allow me to ride far without too much spinning. 1 minute job to remove tensioner and no repositioning needed…

  5. nice, thanks, I think I will steal the idea ! :)

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