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It’s been two weeks since T and I departed London. We’re in humid Singapore after having spent 12 days in cold Japan, a country I’ve always been facinated with, but never ventured to visit until now.

Our time in Japan didn’t disappoint. The cultural spread between ancient and modern is vast and the landscapes impressive. The people we’ve met have been welcoming and the culinary offering tasty and cheap. 12 days just wasn’t long enough, as we’re left with a strong desire to return and explore this great country further.

A big warm thank you to Riki, Maki and the rest of Tokyo Bike Polo for providing such awesome hospitality during our stay. See you all on a court soon.



There are many reasons why T and I decided to take a six month trip – getting away from a London winter after a shit wet summer was just one of them.

Having got married earlier this year, we can call this trip our extended honeymoon. As husband and wife, this is a valuable opportunity to spend some “quality” time together and experience some awesome moments before more “settled” responsibilities demand our attention. So for us, going away now felt like the right time.

But let’s face it, most of us want to take a bit of time out from our normal surroundings, to go off with just one bag of essentials and explore new places. I think it’s healthy.

So where are we going? Japan, Australia, New Zealand and North America are the main stops. Sure the list was longer, China and many other parts of Asia were on the first draft. But truth is we wanted to see epic landscapes and vibrant cities (mostly in the sun) without the struggle of harsh terrain. The challenge of trekking through developing countries sounds eye opening, but it would be a routing we just weren’t prepared for.

Another reason for choosing these destinations is each one has a strong Bike Polo scene, where many of our new global friends live. Connecting with these scenes will be a vital network during our travels, not only for valuable hook ups, but also guaranteed good times.

For me, playing Bike Polo along our route is an important part of this trip. We are at a time of great growth and exploration within Bike Polo. Therefore, being in a position to experience first hand different scenes around the world is an opportunity I am grateful for and will not forget.

Since finding Bike Polo, I’ve regained the creative joy of riding a bike and the sense of freedom and adventure that goes with it as well as made many good friends along the way. For me, it’s these elements which give Bike Polo it’s soul and is far more valuable than any competitive win or score line.

Therefore, you could also call this trip my Bike Polo pilgrimage, especially as I will end up in Seattle, the birth place of the game.

From here, I don’t know what will happen, but I’m sure we’ll have awesome times and come away with new friends and good memories which will last forever.

You can follow my travels here – Goldenwheel Journal.

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