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A particularly ghoulish affair

A few weekends ago Jess arranged a halloween bench-minor tournament at Newington Gardens, London SE1. It felt like the first winter day, in London, this year with dry, crisp air and a generally grey demeanour – the perfect scene for a halloween chill.

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Bones Brigade: An Autobiography

Last Friday I was lucky enough to get tickets to the sold out UK premier of; Bones Brigade: An Autobiography, a documentary about the most influential skate team (brigade) in skateboarding history and the company that made it all happen; Powell-Peralta.

The creative vision of Stacy Powell and George Peralta in the early 80’s changed the path of skateboarding for ever. They took it from a dying path of an increasingly regimented organised sport  in the 70’s, to a lifestyle culture, rich in expressive freedoms, which is still at it’s core today.

This film not only brought back so many awesome memories from years gone by, but also reminded me of so many important current things too.

If you get a chance to watch it, you will not be disappointed.

Just another reminder that life is all about the stories.

Wanna see some legendary Powell-Peralta graphics…

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The Impulsion of Momentum

After the first Bike V Design event at London Design Museum, curator: Alice March, is now doing a series of events focusing on different areas of cycling in more detail.

The first event to be held on December 6th will be;

The Impulsion of Momentum 

A presentation about the history of Fixed Gear.
The ethos of riding a fixed gear bike on the street, It’s evolution, design and the surrounding culture.

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Going…. Around The World!

At the end of this month Mat will be leaving us to go on a round the world journey! As his honeymoon was spent at the Euros and the Worlds earlier this year, I think it’s about time he and Therese actually got away and spent some quality time together. So jobs have been jacked in, their home has been given up, and the bike stable has taken a huge hit! And what about Cosmic I hear you all saying?!

Well both Rupert and I are happy to keep things going over here and will be taking it easy with lots of chilled polo. We have split to play on separate BM London League teams and may play a few tournaments on mixed teams. However, there will be lots of Cosmic times and in the tradition of several tourneys we played this year, we’ll team up with our buddies to form some special Cosmic spin-off teams. You remember the famous Los Cosmicos (Alejandro) and of course the fabulous Cosmique with Yorgo. Then there was tourneys with our main man Rob (BDX) and even a Cosmorico team with Marc and Seabass! So if you fancy stepping in for Mat and forming a Cosmic syndicate then give us a shout! We’re up for traveling.

Then there’s Mat…who will be touring on his polo bike and looking for team mates whilst on the move. Australasia Champs! There’s no doubt he and Therese will be bringing the Cosmic vibez to a town near you very soon. And they return in 6/7 months for the grand reunion!

We have more exciting stuff planned too. That will never stop! There’s 3 new bikes about to happen and a few other little extras we’ll be launching.

So best wishes to our Cosmic Family who will be leaving us for fun times in Japan, Australia, NZ, USA, Canada, and maybe more?

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