The raddest thing in bike polo.

A particularly ghoulish affair

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A few weekends ago Jess arranged a halloween bench-minor tournament at Newington Gardens, London SE1. It felt like the first winter day, in London, this year with dry, crisp air and a generally grey demeanour – the perfect scene for a halloween chill.

Throughout the dreary day a particularly ghoulish player’s get-up would catch you off guard sending a shiver down your spine, mwuahahahah. Top marks to Polo Furies for a cohesive look and the Super Hero team had some strong outfits: Ryan always looks good in a skirt.

I can’t remember who won the tournament but I do remember having fun in the cold and Europe’s first MVP, James Brown, showed up for a beer and a catch-up later on in the day. JB, you’re MVP and always will be! Never forget that, mate!

Here are some photos and a tune to give you a feel for the day.

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