The raddest thing in bike polo.

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Brazilian Bike Polo

Great vibes in this one…

Bike Polo Worlds 2013 in Rio anyone?


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The Bike Porter x Carhartt

If you want just one ride in your stable, simply turn your polo bike into a utility bike with this beautiful handlebar / basket combo…

Called the Bike Porter by Copenhagen Parts, this edition is in co-lab with Carhartt.


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3D Printed Titanium Dropouts!

The Design Museum recently showcased an evening of bike related discussions and events as part of it’s Bike V Design night. Cosmic were there talking about polo. There was so much that we wanted to see but unfortunately missed. However we did see the Charge Bikes talk which was very interesting.

Charge Bikes creative director and head of research, Nick Larson, was there to discuss the company’s direction and amongst many new things, focused on titanium printed dropouts. Currently these are being made on a small 3D printing bed and cost a lot of money! He mentioned £1000+ each!. But in the name of innovation he is pushing for this technique to become more popular which will inturn lower costs. He also mentioned his plans to take 3D printing into a wider range of bicycle components and possibly one day, a full bike frame. Exciting!

Here a new video showing the current production of Charges Printed Titanium Dropouts