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Cosmic @ Design Museum – Bike V Design Talk

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Last night, Cosmic took part in the Bike V Design event at the London Design Museum.

To a packed audience, we gave a 30 minute talk from our own point of view about the evolution of bike polo, from the perspective of both game and equipment design.

We weren’t too sure what the set up would be like on the night. But we did our best to represent bike polo in an interesting and positive light. Several people come up to us after, asking more about how to get involved in bike polo, so that’s only got to be a good thing.

Seeing Todd ride through the crowd and do a skid stop on the Design Museum conference room carpet covered floor, was one of my highlights of the evening.

The talk was recorded by Resonance 104.4fm, so you should be able to catch it as a podcast in the coming days.

Overall, I think the Bike V Design night was a huge success. I heard word that the event might come back next year, bigger and better – lets hope so.

Thanks to Alice and Steven at the Design Museum for giving cosmic the opportunity to be involved. It was such great fun to be amongst such a rich mix of speakers, exhibitioners and performers from the bike  world.

One thought on “Cosmic @ Design Museum – Bike V Design Talk

  1. Ha yeah the skid! Don’t know what came over me! Just had to do it. One of my fav moments was doing the idents for the Bike Museum website and telling Ru we had to introduce ourself via song like a barbershop choir and then when they counted down he started singing! haha! Then we both had to join in! Wish we’d had our instruments with us though.

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