The raddest thing in bike polo.

Paul Comp. x Cosmic


There’s no hiding Cosmic’s love for Paul Components – awesome products and awesome people. And thankfully they love us and Bike Polo too (they just sponsored London Open 2012).

So when we asked if they’d be interested to give some of their most Bike Polo related products a cosmic make over, they needed little persuading .

The result is 3 products; Motolite V brakes, Duplex Lever and Love Lever Compact, exclusively available in 2 anodised finishes; cosmic purple and cosmic blue.

All products are available exclusive to buy over at thisiscosmic store, in very limited quantities.

Thanks for making it Cosmic Paul.

2 thoughts on “Paul Comp. x Cosmic

  1. I just happen to be wearing my Cosmic T-shirt whilst reading this blog …………that’s fecking Cosmic

  2. That’s awesome. Thanks Machine. London misses your polo talk and enthusiasm already.

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