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CMD WHBPC 2012 Champions

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Our good friends Call me Daddy from France, have just added to their recent European Bike Polo Champions title by now becoming the World Champions too.

They beat The Guardian’s from Seattle, 4-2 in a 15 minute final, held in Geneva.

Well done guys!

Also a massive big up to The Guardians for finishing 2nd best and entertaining all weekend with clean and stylish bike polo – great to see.

Clobber Polotics from Chicago took 3rd and Dead Rappers, our home town friends, took a very respectable 4th.

Read more to see final WHBPC rankings for 2012.

  • 1st -Call Me Daddy (William, Polo, Greg Paris)
  • 2nd -Guardians (Cody, julian, Dustin SEA)
  • 3rd -Clobber Politics (Ben, Joe CHI, Robie OTT)
  • 4th -DeadRappers (luca CBG, Emmet, Brendan LDN)
  • 5th -Edisons (Eddy, Moritz, David ?)
  • 5th -Portland United (Arlyn, jason, Eric PDX)
  • 7th -LEquipe (Manuel, Mario, Lukas GVA)
  • 7th -Gettin Wild (josh, Hayden, Lee CBG)
  • 9th -Hooks (Florent Paris, Vallette, maks ROU)
  • 9th -Beaver Boys (eric, Brian, joe MKE)
  • 9th -Moteur Fuckers (Lolo, Piks, Sammy GVA)
  • 9th -Crazy Canucks (Rory, chris, Alex VAN)
  • 13th -COSMIC (Mat, Todd, Rupert LDN)
  • 13th -Ma Couille (Remy, GUIGUI, Rob Paris)
  • 13th -Iron Ponies (Johan, Clement ?, Quentin GVA)
  • 13th -Sophie (Daniel, Pete, Giv ?)
  • 17th -The Buddies (Christopher, Eric ATL, Nick TO)
  • 17th -Long Hair Don’t Care (kouyo, joey, Anthony SEA)
  • 17th -Cocorico (Hugo, Seabass, Marc Paris)
  • 17th -Bourbonic Bacon (Chris LEX, jake MKE, Nick MPLS)
  • 17th -Nice Touch (Dave ?, Josh, Cam LDN)
  • 17th -Spring Break (Jon, Adam, Ryan LDN)
  • 17th -Jean Polo Gaultier (Melvyn, Daniel, Florian BER)
  • 17th -St. Louis Cardinals (Nick COMO, Pierre DC, Jonny MAD)
  • 25th -Candy Colored Clowns (Max, Hannes FKB, Robert HAM)
  • 25th -Pienture 51 (Salvo, Kevin LYN, Tom Paris)
  • 25th -The Bisons (David, Gabor ?, Dodi BUD)
  • 25th -Shaft Punk (Felix, Remi, Alex ?)
  • 25th -Yatagarasu (Mambo OSA, Arthur, Tommy TOKYO)
  • 25th -Guacapolo (Antoine, Vincent BRU, Max CBG)
  • 25th -Goal Diggers (David, Mattheiu, Alex Paris)
  • 25th -No Big Deal (kev, maija, Ngaihon TO)

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