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Call Me Daddy are European Champions for 2012

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This is an incredible achievement for a team that has played in this line-up for less than a year.

With little preparation, due to Todd’s shoulder injury and various commitments this summer, our focus was to qualify for the World Championships in Geneva, by finishing in the top 16 teams of the Euros.

Unfortunately, Todd and Mat had to do it without me as I picked up an injury in the third game of the group stages. It was a horrible moment that I would not wish on anyone. I knew as soon as it happened that I would not be able to continue playing and I feared that our journey to the Worlds was over.

Fortunately, there was a Spanish champion on the sidelines who was more than willing to pull on a Cosmic jersey, so Lucas stepped in and helped us continue through the group stages, unbeaten. His tight defensive play and relentless midfield hustle helped us get through the tournament to our ultimate goal of World Championship qualification, finishing in joint 13th place overall.

The final results are listed below, but the standout performances, for me, were: as a team, Spring Break; as players, Eddy Edisons and Mario L’Equipe; and as fans, London Polo Club.

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The low points of the weekend were completely overshadowed by the moving support from the polo community.

Congratulations Call Me Daddy!

Keep it Cosmic.

1st Place – Call Me Daddy – Greg, Paul, Will

2nd Place – Edisons – Eddy, David, Mo

3rd Place – Hooks – Quentin, Max, Woods

Full results of the Euros.

1. Call Me Daddy (Paris, FRA)
2. Edisons (Frankfurt/Munich, GER)
3. Hooks (Rouen, FRA)
4. L’Équipe (Geneva, SWI)
5. Cocorico (Paris, FRA)
5. Spring Break (London, UK)
7. Sophie (Bern/Basel, SWI)
7. Moteurs Fuckers (Geneva, SWI)
9. Iron Ponies (Geneva, SWI)
9. Bisons (Budapest / Lyon, HUN / FRA)
9. Shaft Punk (Toulouse, FRA)
9. Gettin Wild (Cambridge, UK)
13. Cosmic (London, UK)
13. Dead Rappers (London, UK)
13. Ma Couille (Bordeaux, FRA)
13. Candy Colored Clowns (Karlsruhe, GER)

Top 16 qualify for the WHBPC Aug 16-17-18 in Geneva.

17. Goldmember (Rouen, FRA)
17. Nice Touch (London, UK)
17. Chacals (Paris, FRA)
17. Tigers (Genova/Padova/Venezia, ITA)
17. Dirty Sanchez (Barcelona, SPA)
17. Goal Diggers (Paris, FRA)
17. Tough Shit (Munich, GER)
17. Simon Says (Antwerp, BEL)

Teams tied for 16th, qualify for the WHBPC wildcard Aug 14 in Geneva.

25.Hells Prospects (Paris, FRA)
25. Mum Lovers (Nantes / Toulouse, FRA)
25. Yeah Baby (Dublin, IRL)
25. Les Vieux Fritz (Geneva, SWI)
25. Pooloo (Munich, GER)
25. Sexy Legs (Barcelona, SPA)
25. Guacapolo (Brussels, BEL)
25. Monkey Punch (Karlsruhe, GER)

MVP : Mo (Edison)

Best move ended by a goal : Quentin (Hooks)

Best Ref : Max (Monkey Punch)

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