The raddest thing in bike polo.

Another Cosmic Wedding!!!! And an EHBPC 2012 honeymoon!!!?

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That’s right! The time has come for Mat and Therese to come together in Cosmic harmony and tie the knot.

This weekend we’ll be heading over to Sweden to celebrate BIG TIME! (Sat 14th Wedding Day) How exciting. I’m sure there will be lots of dancing and singing! Might even get the chair guitar out…

Of course Mat always gets mentioned on here so I’m gonna post up a pic of T instead! Our No.1 super special fan! A true Cosmic. Therese has endured so much of Mat’s polo talk (which also happens in his sleep) that she knows more about polo than he does! Probably! And rather than scaring the life out of her, she’s welcomed it open armed and made the decision to marry into a lifetime of bikes, polo, more bikes, and err more polo! Awesome! And what better way to spend your honeymoon than at the EHBPC 2012 in Paris! Whoo Hoo! Don’t forget your famous cow bells Therese!

So be sure to wish the happy couple much love and luck and make sure you congratulate them at the Euros! Mat better be working on a top 5 spot or else there could be trouble…


There’s gonna be a lot of Cosmic love on the court let me tell you!





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