The raddest thing in bike polo.

Cosmorico vs Spring Break – Brighton NS Open


Here’s videos of Cosmorico (myself, Marc Sich, Seabass) vs Spring Break. First game is the winners bracket semi-final, second is the final. Both games were timed to 15 minutes, with unlimited goals.

Personally, I really liked this format, it made for a more tactical and dynamic game. But what do you think?

3 thoughts on “Cosmorico vs Spring Break – Brighton NS Open

  1. Nice videos – hey, they’re mine! I think I deserve a free t-shirt or at the very, very least a Cosmic sticker pack for painstakingly recording and publishing your achievements… ;-)

  2. Yeah, you did well to hold the camera on the game for that long during the rain – good job!. Although, it wasn’t Cosmic you were filming – ha ha! But okay, email your address and I’ll send you a cosmic sticker pack. Now that is cosmic!

    • One third Cosmic manpower, but two full length videos of 15 minute games = one full Cosmic display… :) Thx for the karma chaps!

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