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A Cosmic is down but not out

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Last Sunday in London, Cosmic qualified for the 2012 European Championships, but unfortunately in the process, Todd sustained a serious injury in game 8 (major soft-tissue trauma to the shoulder after a hard impact with a fence post), which sent him to hospital and put him out of the 14 round-robin tournament.

Seeing one of your best friends / team mates, crash hard and not get up immediately is a horrible feeling. It certainly put things into perspective and made me realise how important the Cosmic family is to me – it’s not just about Bike Polo and winning!

Thankfully Todd’s injury was not worse and his expected recovery time is 6 – 8 weeks. But with two major tournaments around the corner (UK Champs 1 month away, Euros 7 weeks away), getting Todd fit asap is our priority.

Intense physiotherapy will be required. Unfortunately, the quality needed is not available free on the National Health Service, so paying for private care is the only option. This of course will not be cheap.

To help Todd, we have decided to put all money raised from the sales of our Cosmic God’s tee towards his medical expenses. Therefore, any support given is now even more gratefully appreciated.

The tees are still available to purchase via Milltag and hopefully in hand at the Brighton Open next weekend.

We all wish Todd a fast recovery – Bike Polo needs him back on court soon.

Keep it Cosmic mate!

On a separate note, big thanks to Ben (Puncture) who subbed for Snoops (out of the country) and Zoe (from London’s Sirens) who stepped in last minute to replace Todd – she had to borrow a polo bike, mallet and SPD shoes in order to play – commitment to the cause! Both your efforts helped keep Cosmic in the tournament and qualify for the Euro’s – we are grateful for that.

The final rankings and Euro spot allocations from the UK & Ireland qualifiers are as follows;

Euros automatic spots:
1. Spring Break
2. Nice Touch
3. Gettin wild
4. Yea Baby
5. Dead Rappers
6. Cosmic
7. Wooden Skulls

Wildcard spots:
8. Rat Trap
9. Passed It
10. Le BigMac

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