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Hoser Store


Recently, a group of Bike Polo friends over in Toulouse, France, set up Hoser Store.

In their own words…

The concept is simple : encourage the promotion of graphic art, of the less traditionnal cycle world and of Bike Polo through the sale of t-shirts.

In addition to Hoser Store being a platform for graphic art within the Bike Polo community, for every t-shirt sold, a part of the price will go to the designer or to his team or club. The hope is this little donation will help a Bike Polo team to travel or allow a club to grow.

To start the t-shirt offer, Hoser Store contacted nine well known teams from around the world to provide a design and Cosmic was honoured to be one of them.

The brief was simple, provide a design that represents your team or club.

See and learn more about our design…

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Cosmic Gloves

Finding the right glove for bike polo isn’t an easy task. It’s got to feel comfortable, be non-restrictive with mallet handling and offer as much protection as possible.

Here’s a few Todd has tested…

I’ve recently just moved to using the same glove as Rupert – The Brine “Cosmic” Thriller, designed for lacrosse.

My experience of gloves to date have just been light weight BMX or MTB gloves, which feel comfortable on the hand and offer good mallet grip, but littler protection.

I was hesitant at first to move to a bulkier glove, but have to say, the Brine Thrillers are awesome!

The fit is great – I use a 13″. There’s lots of movement flexibility, good top protection, a soft palm and plenty of breathable mesh vents to circulate air flow. They’re not cheap, but based on how long Rupert has been using his for, they wear really well, so I reckon you get your moneys worth out of them.

If only they were more readily available in the UK!