The raddest thing in bike polo.

Which Goals?



Been thinking about goals lately. Not the kind you score but the ones you score into.

Tournaments will typically have well built goal frames with nets. There doesn’t seem to be a standard build and it would be really great to add some images of all your pro goals right here.

But what about throw-ins? I can’t count how many times we’ve gone on the hunt for street cones, got a good days use out of them, and then returned to see them missing or chewed up by dogs! So sometimes we end up using our bags. It’s like being back in the school playground.

Polo has to go on, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a permanent goal? I can’t see this happening for a while so what are our choices? What is everyone else using? Do us a favour and let us know.

I was thinking about better, removable, more reliable goals that we could play with. How about a cone which is more straight with no stick out base? (We would need to lock them up though) What about having nets? A cross bar? A fold up goal which can easily be carried?

All nice ideas but right now it’s not really happening. But we can’t go on like this surely!…

There’s nothing quite like shooting against a decent goal!


Elasticated belt barriers perhaps?


Ideas please!




6 thoughts on “Which Goals?

  1. In Glasgow we use the things rugby balls sit in when you do that kick it over the crossbar thing, into these we sometimes put swimming noodles as posts but if the ball hits they do tend to move about, handily they have a hole in the middle (when used sans noodle) which you can spray some paint through so it’s easy to reset them. They also are easy to carry, which is the main benefit really they are not ideal for judging height of a shot and it’s so hard to guess if a ball has gone in when it hits a post we play all post shots as non goals. The small footprint is nice though, compared to cones (also not much taper).

    I’ve been trying to think up some easily portable and lightweight ideas myself, really need a trailer!

  2. I need to work on a v2 of my pipe goals. They were light and foldable, but a bit too flimsy.

  3. Yeah that might be good John. Good info James. We definitely need something that can be carried or locked up. It also would ideally be completely vertical with no bases that can deflect balls. Cross bar and nets a massive bonus! So much polo equipment has gone from DIY to a pro standard. But goals?…

  4. It could be a good little project for someone I design and build something that could easily collapse down into one piece, be light and compact enough in it’s own bag containing 2 and be able to carry on one’s back on a bicycle.

    I see some sort of curved back to the goal that wraps up or collapses into pieces like tent poles.

  5. What’s the specified widths of a polo goal anyway?!

  6. 6ft wide 3ft high on the NAH rules last time I checked.

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