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Cosmic New Team Jersey: The Artwork



As most of you know already, we’ve had a brand new jersey made and boy-oh-boy is it ever cosmic!

We’ve been wearing the same team-kit for two years; our old purple, grey, and white Carhartt shirts have had their day. We’ve always wanted to make the switch to something more technical which is why we contacted As a company who have collaborated with top bike companies, frame makers, and artists, we knew they’d be on hand to help us realize our design. And  as ever, a Cosmic design is always looking to take things that little bit further!

So, how were we going to make multi coloured fades, photo realistic universe print, and new Cosmic graphics, all fit onto a new jersey? (If I would’ve had my way there would’ve been polka dots, cyber animal print, and optical illusions but I had to draw the line on this one!) The jersey fit and shape we’ll discuss very soon when we officially launch it. But for now, I wanted to give you an insider of the artwork which went into it:


This is the template which we submitted. This is the standard layout used by Milltag. All artwork was created in Adobe Illustrator apart from the universe print which had to be life size in Photoshop. There are actually 2 versions of the jersey. The cycling version which I first designed, then a newer non-elasticated, 2″ longer body and pocket free version which we developed for polo. The version above is the polo version.


We decided a tribal pattern could be nice so I created our own aztec print based on technology and mathematical algorithmic patterns! These turned out great and we immediately placed our favourite onto the collar.


We wanted the jersey to be fun and have a few Cosmic takes on our favourite logos. On the first edition jersey you’ll find these logos hidden in the pockets alongside a sweet lo res jpeg image of the Cosmic Spirit Animal created by the spirit animal chief, Max. What do you mean you don’t have a polo spirit animal!? pft!

I think this “Cosmickx” logo turned out great: Future t-shirt print? Let us know in the comments below!


Alongside sponsors logos, we began developing some number ideas. We also thought a turquoise / aqua iris would work well too.

The jerseys have come out exactly as we wanted. And the great thing with these jerseys is that the imagery is applied using a paper print technique. That means a lifesize print of each section of the jersey is printed out in exact colour, and is then heat transferred onto the white fabric. This technique enables you to print full colour and achieve impressive results. Though typically, people tend not to push it to it’s limits, like we have. It’s even possible to print photographic artwork…

Milltag are the experts in this field and were on hand throughout the process to provide their expertise. They are a small independent company, proud of what they do so if you need team shirts making, these are the guys to go to. And what you’ll get will be lightweight, breathable, and anti-bacterial. And don’t worry about your design as all you need is a few ideas and they’ll make it happen.


Here are a few other things we’ve been working on. Taking the ‘C’ from our font and giving it the triangle treatment. You might’ve noticed something similar on our new Cosmic Godz fundraiser tee (available on the Milltag site and you know you need one!!!)

And then there’s some pattern prints using our font which I’ve been messing about with. Endless Possibilities!


Keep It Cosmic

4 thoughts on “Cosmic New Team Jersey: The Artwork

  1. this kit is so amazing. beats any football/rugby/basketball/whatever kit by a fucking mile. so so sweet

  2. please let these be buyable!

  3. Shocked with awe. These are the coolest jerseys I have ever seen. Seriously. I’m red with envy.

    Incredible work on this. The Cosmic gods must be proud. Put me down for one if they go in to production.

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