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New PAUL v-brake

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Just seen this photo of the new Paul Components Minimoto v-brake. Very nice! Love the simplicity. I remember seeing a similar Cane Creek version with the curved arms and wondered how that effected performance. Maybe somebody at Paul will tell us. This version is designed for short pull levers which I like the idea of going back to! Not sure if this could ever tempt me away from Motolites but it sure does look pretty! Hmnnn…

One thought on “New PAUL v-brake

  1. I’ve used the cane creek version. Why Paul would want to basically copy their design?? It adds zero to the effectiveness of the brakes, but renders them useless as soon as you get minimal pad wear. The reduced distance between the top of the arms is the reason for this. They come together and therefore are ineffective. Seems like an odd divergence. Perhaps they’ve been tested in ideal conditions. Here in the UK the I was changing the pads so often, it became an expensive chore.
    XTR Parallel push……. Nuff said.

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