The raddest thing in bike polo.

Cambridge Open 19th – 20th May

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Cosmic can’t make this years Cambridge Open – but the poster, by Devorah Hall, is too good not to post up.

The saddest part about not being present to try retain our title, is that we have to give back the infamous “lady of cambridge” trophy or as we like to now call her, “the cosmic goddess”.

This was the very first tournament trophy Cosmic3 won back in 2009, when we beat Rotten Apples (Rik, Gabes, Em) 5-1. Therefore, it’s one I’ve become quite emotionally attached to.

So much good has occurred for Cosmic and bike polo in general since that win. And I kinda feel she’s been there watching over us through out.

I’ll sure miss looking at her every morning! Anyway, she’ll find a new home soon, to a new deserving winning team, and her watchful eye will look down upon them too. But hopefully she’ll come back to her cosmic home in 2013.

For now, here’s some pictures of when she first became blessed by Cosmic…she’s changed her dress style a bit since then – many a Toddy make over!

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