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Cosmic x Milltag

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We are excited and proud to officially welcome Milltag into the Cosmic fold.
Already known for their creative approach to performance cycle wear, we have partnered up with Milltag to help develop a more specific polo jersey. One which will meet the demands of the fast paced,  physical game, which is often played outdoors in hot summer weather conditions.
Our partnership will see Milltag produce our official summer 2012 team jerseys with the new polo specific design.  These will be unveiled at the forthcoming UK Championships in Birmingham, during the 1st – 2nd of July – and believe us when we say the design is very cosmic indeed!
In the meantime, to help support our cosmic journey across Europe this summer to attend the European Championships in Paris and the Worlds in Geneva, Milltag has launched this very special “fundraiser” t-shirt.
The design itself is an update  of the original Cosmic3 ‘Gods’ polo team t-shirt from 2009, designed by Cosmic, printed by Carharrt. A design which was much requested, but never available until now.


As Todd says: “This design goes way back and pretty much launched us. Each god has specific skills and traits which sum up each of us. I’ve wanted to update it for so long now ‘cause for me it’s such an important part of our history. The game has changed so much since I first sketched this out and I’ve tried to reflect that in the little updates like gloves and pads. Even the mallets are exactly the ones we use. So it’s almost a marker for bike polo in 2012. We’re trying to get some funds together so we can get to Paris and Geneva for the biggest tournaments of the year and what better way than to create a super special t-shirt. A massive thank you to anyone who buys one – we’ll do you all proud!”

The T-shirt is a fine cotton jersey with 4 colour screen print. The t-shirt is available now to pre-order here and will be delivered to your door by mid-June – just in time for you to cheer on Cosmic at the major tournaments this summer.

As an extra special thanks to those that pre-order, you will get 5 pounds off the normal selling price of 25 pounds and will also be entered into a free draw to win an ultra limited edition Cosmic cycling jersey, based on the new 2012 Cosmic team polo jersey.

We thank Milltag for all their support in making this project happen and to anyone and everyone who supports our journey this summer – keep it cosmic!

About Milltag:

Milltag was born out of a passion for life in the saddle and a desire to improve the visual aesthetics of the modern day cycle jersey.

Started in 2010, by passionate cyclists and graphic designers Ed Cowburn and Pete Kelsev, Milltag began by producing bespoke, limited edition, high quality cycling jerseys designed in collaboration with leading artists and designers from around the world. Like art, the jerseys are produced in very limited runs – that means that you are purchasing a garment that is practically unique, lovingly created and guaranteed to be the envy of the rest of those on two wheels.

To wear a Milltag jersey is to express your individuality as a rider and assures that you will “stand out from the peloton”.
For more information on how to purchase, collaborate or have Milltag design and produce your own custom Bike Polo Team jersey, contact them here.

One thought on “Cosmic x Milltag

  1. totally rad.
    definitely pre ordering.


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