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New contender: DZR Mamba X


We’re big fans of the Nike Pooh Bah for polo: it’s a mid, it has a strap, a relatively stiff sole, and it comes in cosmic colour-ways – with navajo accents! It’s the best there is, for now…

Since the Pooh Bah found favour with other polo players, prices have gone up and availability down. Todd wrote a brilliant post, Foot Down, back in November highlighting the problem we’re facing with the current crop of cycling shoes on the market, we hoped someone would take notice.

Well it looks as though DZR have: their new shoe, the Mamba X, appears to have been made for polo!

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OK, it’s a little bulky but the refined form of the Pooh Bah is unbeatable, we can’t continue to judge shoes by this now-discontinued classic. The Mamba X could be the best polo-shoe on the currently lack-lustre market.

The spiel is, ‘reinforced co-molded shank, traction outsole and stability upper’. I’m not sure if the ‘shank’ will be NAH legal, but it’s a great effort by the DZR marketing team!

The Mamba X are available for pre-order now (shipping May 30) at $120. A good price for what looks to be a solid shoe; I’m sure we’ll see a few pairs at the worlds this year. I’d like to see how they fare after a season in London’s winter league, if well, they could be the successor.

2 thoughts on “New contender: DZR Mamba X

  1. Look what we have in BCN (handcrafted)

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