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Cosmic Archive : Cambridge 2011 Final

Unfortunately Cosmic can’t attend this years Cambridge Open taking place 19th – 20th May.

So in memory of our tournament win last year, found in the Cosmic archives, is this footage of the winning golden goal against Dans Ta Gueule Puceau (Hugo, Pierre, Left Will) of France, to win 4-3.

It was a pretty tense game. So when I scored the winner, my relief and the crowds joy is quite clear.



New contender: DZR Mamba X

We’re big fans of the Nike Pooh Bah for polo: it’s a mid, it has a strap, a relatively stiff sole, and it comes in cosmic colour-ways – with navajo accents! It’s the best there is, for now…

Since the Pooh Bah found favour with other polo players, prices have gone up and availability down. Todd wrote a brilliant post, Foot Down, back in November highlighting the problem we’re facing with the current crop of cycling shoes on the market, we hoped someone would take notice.

Well it looks as though DZR have: their new shoe, the Mamba X, appears to have been made for polo!

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